Community and Ethics


To remain steadfast in helping our local community.

To minimise our environmental footprint.

Being involved in our local community is important to us and where possible, we aim to ‘give back’. This is why we are proud to sponsor our local rugby team and to see our board installed at Netherdale; please do tag us if it is visible in any rugby shots you are putting on social media, we’d love to see them! We also helped in the fundraising for our local camera club and will continue to help them in their future fundraising efforts.

The dogs in our care are fortunate to get attention from students studying ‘HNC in Animal Care’ who come to us from the Placement Programme we participate in with the local Borders College. This partnership has been working well for some time now and we embrace fresh ideas these students bring.

We are committed to be as green as possible and are continually making small changes to improve our ‘green credentials’. We love animals and realise the negative impact plastic can have on animals in our wider community as well as the overall issue which impacts us all. As many poo bags end up in landfill each year our first commitment was to exclusively use biodegradable doggy poo bags. Recycling is the norm at GDDC and is encouraged to all who come through our doors. When buying toys for the dogs, we aim to buy from sustainable sources and many of our larger plastic items were gifted/recycled for the use of the dogs. We are conscious there is more we will be able to do but strive to continually improve our practice in this area.