Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with my dog for their first day?

The only thing we require is their food, if they would normally be fed at lunchtime. All food must be provided in a sealed tupperware box with their name clearly displayed.

What time do you collect & drop off dogs?

Dogs are collected in the morning between 8am & 930am, drop off in the evening is between 330pm & 5pm Monday – Friday. If you require this service, please request at the time of booking.

What happens on the trial day?

We can assess whether a dog will enjoy and benefit from our service during their trial day. Day care is not for every dog; some find it overwhelming. This mandatory assessment process involves new dogs being allocated to a single member of staff who will be solely responsible for the dogs’ supervision. This usually takes the form of the staff member spending the first hour or so bonding with the new dog(s), followed by a gentle introduction to suitably chosen ‘playmates’ until such point as the new dog is completely comfortable in a group. If during the introductions, a dog shows signs of anxiousness we will go back a step until they are comfortable. Some dogs quite happily join into a group almost immediately, however, others take time. The trial day allows us to ascertain the likelihood of a new dog fitting into the group environment.

How do I book my dog into day care?

Once we have received your completed registration form along with a copy of your dogs vaccination card, we shall enrol your dog(s) on our system. You will then be advised to download the ‘My Pet Walker’ App from the app store, where you will enter your mobile number and a profile for you and your dog will appear. From here, you can book, amend and reschedule bookings. Payment is made via the app.

Does my dog have to attend daycare every week?

Yes, all dogs must attend for a minimum of 1 day per week.